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BASHLOTTO Rules (Amended 14/01/2019):

1.    All entrants to the competition will be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these rules in their entirety as a condition of entry and must indicate their acceptance on the entry form.

2.    Entrants must be aged 16 years or over.

3.    BashLotto is promoted on behalf of Bashley FC Fundraising Lottery by Tim Allan, 14 Apollo Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 3HS Tel: 07741 909906

4.    Entrants must complete, sign and return a current BashLotto entry form plus the attached Standing Order Form and return both to the Promoter Tim Allan, 14 Apollo Close, Poole, Dorset BH12 3HS.

5.    Incomplete or illegible applications, or those not indicating acceptance of the rules will be void and not entered until in compliance.

6.    The cost of each entry is £1. Players may purchase up to a maximum of 20 separate weekly entries, and payment for every entry must be received in advance by Standing Order quarterly (13 weeks), half-yearly (26 weeks) or annually (52 weeks). That entry / those entries will then be included in all subsequent BashLotto draws for as long as payment is received in advance.

7.    The winning entry in any week will be the entry that exactly matches the first two numbers drawn in the National Lottery ‘Lotto’ Wednesday draw, in the order in which they are drawn. A player who holds the correct numbers and sequence will win that week’s BashLotto Jackpot.

8.    The weekly jackpot will be 50% of the value of the total valid entries received for that week’s draw – The Weekly Prize Fund.

9.    If there is no winning entry in any week, a Consolation Prize of 20% of that Week’s Prize Fund will be paid to the entrant holding the closest combination of numbers at the promoter’s discretion and the remainder of The Weekly Prize Fund (80%) will Rollover and be added to the Jackpot for the next and future draws, growing weekly up to a maximum of £25,000 until won.

10.    Rollovers will otherwise continue until a winning number combination and sequence occurs.

11.    The Promoter will endeavour to distribute prizes no later than 10 working days after the winner has been identified. No interest will be payable. Payment will be made by Bank Transfer to the person named on the entry form only and no prizes will be paid other than to the person named on an application.

12.    The Promoter reserves the right to publicise information about winners for promotional purposes.

13.    No alternative to any prize will be offered and no correspondence will be entered into.

14.    The Promoter’s decision is final on all matters relating to BashLotto. The Promoter may (without giving any reason or notice) decline to accept an application, or cancel an existing subscription.

15.    The Promoter is not responsible for any delay in receipt of payments made by Standing Orders.

16.    No liability is accepted for the loss, theft or delay to any postal communication.

17.    Any person found to be under 16 years of age will automatically forfeit the right to any prize.

18.    Entry into the lottery shall cease immediately upon one of the following events:

  1. Death of a player.
  2. Non-receipt of entry fee.
  3. A player giving one month's written notice to the Promoter that he/she wishes to cease to be a participant in the lottery. No monies received from the player prior to cancellation will be repaid other than in prizes. It will be the responsibility of the player to cancel their Standing Order.
  4. The Promoter giving not less than three months’ notice of termination of the lottery.
  5. The winding-up, dissolution, merger, insolvency, resignation, expulsion or other termination, or the relocation of Bashley Football Club or any other circumstance that prevents the club from participating in association football at Bashley Road BH25 5RY as Bashley FC.

19.    In the event that the Wednesday UK National Lottery ‘Lotto’ draw is discontinued, the Promoter will decide which alternative method will be used to determine winning numbers using the 59 Lotto numbers (1-59) and any changes to the rules that this may bring.

20.    All proceeds from the lottery will go towards the development of Bashley FC’s sports and community facilities at Bashley Recreation Ground, also known as Bashley Road .

21.    Results will be posted on the BashLotto Facebook; Twitter; @UpTheBash and website or such other website currently in official use, Bashley’s official Twitter and/or Facebook pages, match day programmes, local media or any other medium deemed appropriate by the Promoter.

22.    Note that any un-won Rollover Prize Funds in excess of £25,000 will be added to the value of the first draw after the Rollover Jackpot is next won, so that it restarts as a Rollover Jackpot immediately.

23.    The Promoter has the right to change or update the rules and will, as far as practicable, give advanced notice of proposed changes.

BASHLOTTO Consolation Prize Rule Supplement:

Consolation Prizes will be awarded in weeks where the Jackpot is not won (at the Promoters discretion), to the entrant or entrants who satisfy the following criteria;

1.    The first two numbers drawn but in the incorrect sequence. If none;

2.    The first number drawn and a number closest to the second number drawn. (Note that if two Entrants hold the first number drawn and their second numbers are equally spaced above and below the second number, the Consolation Prize will be shared). If no winner(s);

3.    The second number drawn and a number closest to the first number drawn. (Note that if two Entrants hold the second number drawn and their first numbers are equally spaced above and below the first number, the Consolation Prize will be shared).

4.    If no-one holds the first or second number, no Consolation Prize will be awarded.

5.    At the Promoter’s discretion, the Consolation Prize may be suspended at any time or following a Jackpot Win to enable quicker re-growth of the Jackpot. Once the Jackpot Fund exceeds £5000, the Consolation Prize will become payable again.


Version 19.01.14

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